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No Drive Yet, but, Still a Driver. Porcelli looks forward with optimism after 2017 PRI Thanks to His

It's been a week since the start of the 2017 PRI. I am back

home, and already it feels as if I have been able to shift gears. Going on 18 months since I was last in a race car, one might think it would be hard to define myself as a driver. Let alone a champion.

While I was at PRI, I attended Derek Daly's "What if It's You" seminar. A presentation on the commitment, desire passion and especially teamwork necessary to continue to win championships year after

year. I also received a signed copy of his book "Race to Win" which I began reading immediately.

After finishing the first 20 pages and watching all of his available webinar videos, I concluded that the information being provided is so valuable that my entire family should be reading his book. We ordered 4 additional copies, and we are now reading the book as a club and meeting to discuss each segment that we read alone.

What needs to be understood is that winning is a way of life, not just a way to race. I can still contribute my time to winning a championship when I'm not in the car and provided with momentum from the 2017 Professional Racing Industry trade show and the knowledge gained from attending Derek's seminar and reading "Race to Win" I can continue to move forward with my career. With the maiden United States Formula 3 series debut around the corner and a two hundred thousand dollar scholarship on the line, I have been making as many preparations as possible so that WHEN I get in the car, everything is in its place.

Drivers are unique athletes. While only upper level professionals in stick and ball sports face the added strains of finances, insurance, media, logistics, funding, sponsorships, marketing and relationships, drivers are burdened with all of the above, and more, from day one. The second a driver starts racing cars, even go-karts, they are being scrutinized and reviewed, written about and critiqued. So It is imperative that we use our time to our advantage. There's so much to take care of outside of the car.

For example, In the weeks surrounding PRI, I have designed a new website and business card, contacted my existing sponsors to provide an update, met with new potential investors and partners, prepared a new brand deck for those mentioned above, started a blog, edited on board racing footage for Youtube, prepared new winter testing proposals, accumulated an e-mail subscribers list, booked my hotels, attended PRI, and driven to Indianapolis from New Jersey and back.

This weekend I will prepare a financial matrix that details all the potential expenses and incomes of 2018 for my existing and potential investors. I will continue seeking and contacting new potential clients for my existing partners, update four social media accounts, work out, and participate in race simulation training, all of this while working delivery 30 hours a week and I haven't even mentioned contacting teams and the logistics of going to a race track and getting in a car in the next 90 days.

So this is what I am doing, well, this is what WE are doing.

Racing is an engaging sport that takes full immersion from the driver's family and immediate support system because of how much commitment and work is needed.

Racing is a team sport on and away from the track. A driver can't win alone, just like a driver cannot survive as a racer without the continued support of family and friends.

Look at all I've been able to accomplish in just two weeks. I would not have been able to do it with out my mother booking the hotels, my father reserving my website's domain name years ago, my brother helping me debrief after a day of meeting with hundreds of people, or my girlfriend Brianna providing me with wake up calls and scheduling reminders. Even this very blog will be proof read and approved by members of my family.

So, we will continue to move forward. I am weeks away from getting back into a race car for winter testing in preparation for the 2018 season, and it is imperative that I take advantage of every asset that I have, every chance that I get, and every moment that I have to dedicate towards winning.

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